Rizzo Hall



Since 1960, Rizzo Hall has maintained its position as a premier banquet hall and convention centre. As hospitality specialists, we’ve provided millions of satisfied customers with great food, friendly service, and a gorgeous setting for their events.

We opened our doors in 1960, eventually branching out to Toronto in 1977. Rizzo Hall has thrived under the leadership of Peter Rugiano and Betty Nasella; our business has had the same owner and head chef since the beginning, and we’ve always put a strong emphasis on hospitality.

While tradition plays a major role in our business, we’ve never been afraid to add exciting new options to our menu. Rizzo Hall offers an extensive set of food, including the latest international cuisine and time-tested favourites. We have fine foods for weddings, outdoor parties, company meetings, and every other occasion, and our chef, Peter Rugiano, is always working to bring new options to the table. We carefully control quality to make sure that every guest leaves satisfied.

We also understand the importance of ambiance, and we’ve invested heavily in our facilities in order to provide an unforgettable experience. In the summer of 1997, we expanded Rizzo Hall considerably to include a romantic entrance to the premises along with a private garden containing a gazebo, a jet fountain, a waterfall, exotic trees, and flowered landscaping. This provides a great ambiance for outdoor wedding ceremonies, backdrop for pictures, and it delivers the touch of elegance that our customers have come to expect.

rizzo-hall-2For more than 50 years, we’ve offered affordable pricing compared to other banquet and convention centres in our area, and we’ve maintained our affordable rates as our knowledge and expertise have grown. Rizzo Hall is fully certified from the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) and Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), and as a member of the Guleph Food Technology Centre (GFTC), we’re committed to maintaining the highest possible standards.


When you choose Rizzo Hall, you get peace of mind and consistent results. Our staff is always ready to help you create beautiful memories; contact us today for more information or to start planning your event.